Introduction to CREED protocol

"This document is still being worked on."

"This project is in beta. Please do enough research and use at your own risks."

What is Decentralized Finance a.k.a. DeFi?

Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, refers to an ecosystem of financial applications that are built on top of a blockchain network. In other words, DeFi provides financial services to users through smart contracts. It aims to develop and operate transparent and trustful financial services without intermediaries such as investment funds, banks, or any other financial institutions using blockchain technology.

The total value of the staked assets in DeFi recorded an all-time high of $3.68B by July 2020. As the DeFi field became the issue of 2020 summer, there have been hundreds of DeFi projects created and introduced to the public. The introduction of new and technologically advanced DeFi projects may confuse the public about how and what platform to use to grow their portfolio.

What is

CREED is an experimental protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to offer a user-friendly and simple interface for the user to autonomously grow their portfolio through using CREED platform. In addition to the easy management of the user's portfolio, CREED's ultimate goal is to provide the integrated DeFi platform that the users and community do not have to seek through various DeFi platforms for the usage. Instead of searching for various platforms to make their portfolio, the users will be able to access various DeFi features with CREED protocol through user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, CREED plans to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to various DeFi products of CREED for profit maximization & risk minimization. For example, to maximize profit, CREED provides automatic rebalancing capability over various cryptocurrency assets. Participants of the CREED protocol ecosystem will have options to choose over a variety of rebalancing options to further increase earnings on top of regular staking in CREED savings.

Also, CREED lending protocol also provides extensive AI driven risk minimization measures. Our automatic data valuation engine first filters through all the relevant data, then provides only high-quality data into the risk minimization engine to adjust relevant parameters across Creed's lending protocol.

Finally, CREED is a community-centered DeFi project by the people and for the people. All the decisions and actions of CREED will be made by its community and users to assure equity and fairness. The value of CREED will be determined by the contribution of the community as a whole.

To sum up, ecosystem consists of following features.

  • CREED Earn - Deposit your liquidity to earn additional reward.

  • CREED Swap - Switch between various tokens with automated market maker. (Testnet)

  • CREED Savings(Lending) - Smart contract lending and weighted yield with lock-up period. (Testnet)

  • CREED Governance - Stake your governance token to vote for the direction of how we operate. (beta)

  • AI rebalancing capability - autonomous care of your deposited asset by system (beta)

$CREED = Governance token for operating ecosystem.