Details on platform

"This protocol is an experimental protocol that is in beta phase. Please use at your own risk."



Provide liquidity and stake to earn not only fees, but also yield governance token as reward.

Starting pools for yield farming :

  1. ETH - USDC

  2. ETH - USDT

Adding more pools will subject to community vote.

CREED Swap (Testnet)

Decentralized swap platform. Exchange your tokens with various other assets through automated market maker. You provide liquidity to earn share of the transaction fees. You can earn additional interest (yield farming CREED) by staking your LPs to CREED Earn.

  • Provide liquidity by using your CREED LP tokens to earn interest from transaction fees.

  • By staking LPs to earn additional reward of governance pool.

Supporting Cryptocurrencies: ERC-20 Tokens

CREED Savings (Testnet)

Decentralized lending platform. You can deposit your assets to lend others and borrow from digital assets using your deposited assets as collaterals. Savings Pool liquidity providers will earn not only interests from lending, but also additional rewards with weights on smart contract lock-up period.

  • Provide LP to assets for lending platform to earn interest.

  • If you choose lock-up period, you will earn weighted interest.

  • Longer you deposit, more you earn.

CREED Yield (Testnet)

Yield aggregator. Deposit your asset to earn interest with autonomous care by system. AI will be integrated in the yield aggregation process to maximize profit and minimize the risk.


CREED Governance (Testnet)

Discuss, propose, and vote to decide how you want to direct and operate the CREED Platform better and easier to yourself. General features such as, adding pools, reward rates, etc. will be decided among the users.

  • Forum is used for discussion and announcing the proposal between the users.

  • Voting/Staking is used for earning governance token and vote for the proposal that has passed.

  • Over 30% of CREED holders must agree on the proposal to be active and voted.

  • 66.6 % of total circulating tokens have to vote Yes to be passed.